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Where should I start my birding journey?
Most birders usually hope to see the big colorful birds, such as Macaws, Toucans and Trogons, right from the beginning. If you don’t have much time in Costa Rica, we recommend that you go straight for the lowlands of either the Pacific or Caribbean Slope. It’s best if you visit open areas rather than high canopy forest such as Braulio Carrillo or Osa Peninsula. Easy viewing of the main birding favorites is best at Sarapiqui or Carara.

How do I choose my destinations and hotels?
Above all, we recommend that you focus on access and infrastructure. For example, if you have any physical, time or budget constraints, we strongly recommend that you visit more popular and easily accessed destinations. Obviously, the more remote the destination, the more expensive and strenuous your journey will be. If you want to learn more about local accommodations, we would be happy to recommend a great hotel or lodge in any region.

How do I choose a tour company?
Most all birders agree that the quality of your birding experience depends entirely on the expertise and capabilities of your guide. When choosing a tour company for your journey, be sure to consider the following: 1) how many people will be in the same tour (tour groups should not exceed 6 people), 2) is your guide a local expert of the region or someone who only visits the region a couple times a year, and 3) how much experience does your guide have as a birder in Costa Rica.

Is it safe to travel in Costa Rica independently?
Although we recommend that you travel in the company of an experienced tour company, it is relatively safe to travel independently in Costa Rica. If you prefer to arrange your own journey, we have some suggestions to consider when traveling in Costa Rica: 1) never leave your car unlocked, 2) always keep your equipment with you – parked cars are an easy target for prospective thieves, and 3) be aware of common scams to avoid dangerous situations. Check Trip Advisor.

Once in the forest, should I be afraid of snakes?
While this is the tropics and there are many species of snakes found both on the ground and in the trees, snakes typically keep to themselves and avoid contact with humans. However, you should always be careful and never wear sandals when hiking in the forest.

Can I trust a hotel website?
Be careful when selecting your hotel. It’s easy for a hotel to exaggerate its facilities and services on its website. If it’s a larger hotel, use popular online travel forums like TripAdvisor.com to read traveler reviews on the property. We tend to recommend smaller family-owned Costa Rican hotels, as the quality of service almost always exceeds that of the more commercialized hotels and the whole lodging experience is far more enriching.

What activities are there for my family members while i am off birding?
It really depends where you are going to be, but here some ideas and suggestions. Frog ponds, butterfly farms, snake gardens, surfing lessons, sea kayak, yoga classes, massages and spa treatments.

Here some very useful sites. 

www.monteverdeinfo.com ( Monterverde )
www.arenaltours.com ( Arenal Area )
www.canopylossuenos.com ( Carara - Jaco Area )
www.kayakjaco.com ( Carara - Jaco Area )
www.jacosurflessons.com ( Carara - Jaco Area )
www.costaricasurfboardsrental.com ( Carara - Jaco Area )
www.corcovadoexpeditions.net ( Osa Peninsula )

In San Jose area:www.lonelyplanet.com
In Jaco Beach, Los Suenos and Carara National Park Area please contact us at: info@costarbirdingjourneys.org

If you have any additional questions, email info@costaricabirdingjourneys.org or call today at 506-8417-9015 (CR; dial 011 first if calling from US).

White Necked Puff Bird
Caribbean Toucans
Brown Headed Fly Catcher
Boat Billed Heron
White Necked Puff Bird
Caribbean Toucans
Brown Headed Fly Catcher
Boat Billed Heron
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