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  Full-Day Tour of Carara National Park  
  Full Day Itinerary: Departure time: 5:30 am
Return time: 5:00 pm Duration: 11.5 hours (including 1 hour lunch break)
Trails: Meandrica, Universal, Quebrada Bonita and Araceas. (the order of hiking the trails may vary)
A full day of bird watching that starts at the Meandrical trail, a one way path with five different micro-ecosystems ranging from 25-year-old pasture fields to secondary growth forests aging more than 200 years. A visit to a swampy lagoon, which is surrounded by 125-feet-tall forest. After a few hours birding, the tour breaks for a cold drink and lunch at a nearby restaurant (not included in tour rate).


Following lunch, the tour heads into the high canopy forest trails until dark. On this part of the hike, we will bird on 3 trail systems boarding river edges and deep jungle. A unique ecological situation in Costa Rica, Carara is located on a transitional area between Dry Tropical Forest and Tropical Lowland Forest (Pacific Rainforest), and offers a wonderful opportunity to explore and search for birds from both ecosystems. Some examples of this situation are: Rufous Capped Warbler vrs. Three Striped Warbler, Rufous and White Wren vrs. Black Bellied Wren, Long Billed Gnatwren vrs. White Lored Gnatwren, Black headed Trogon vrs. Baird ' s Trogon, Berly Crowned Hummingbird vrs. Cinnamon Hummingbird, Orange Collared Manakin vrs. Long Tailed Manakin, Royal Flycatcher vrs. Bran Colored Flycather, etc.

4-6 pax $135 person
2-3 pax $200 person


For more information, email info@costaricabirdingjourneys.org or call today at 506-8417-9015 (CR; dial 011 first if calling from US).
Variable Seed Eater
Keel Billed Toucan
White Ibis
Silvery Throated Tanager
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