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A lifelong native of Costa Rica , Randall Ortega Chaves, has spent most of his 30 years in constant fascination with the diverse ecosystems of his tropical homeland. Randall is currently the owner and lead guide for, Costa Rica Birding Journeys, a small eco travel and birding expedition company in Costa Rica . They offer nature journeys to Costa Rica , focusing on beginner to advanced birding trips, very small groups or private trips, providing educational and informative natural history hikes, steering clear of crowds, and finding those magical places off the beaten path.


It all began in 1993 to start Randall on his way to become a professional naturalist and birding guide. After working as a sales representative for a renowned Costa Rican tour company, not satisfied behind a desk, he followed his passion for nature and wildlife to the Institute for National Learning to become a certified naturalist tour guide. One of the country's premier learning centers for naturalist tour guides, the Institute for National Learning specializes in natural history studies, and offers a detailed certificate program of required courses and seminars(see coursework listed below).

After graduating with honors at the top of his class, Randall was immediately recruited by leading tour company, and spent the next year leading tours of Costa Rica 's various nature reserves, meanwhile building experience as a qualified naturalist tour guide. To further enhance his knowledge and experience, Randall left the company after a full year of employment and worked independently for the following six years as a freelance guide for various companies. The varied adventures of these six years enabled Randall to acquire a vast knowledge and firsthand understanding of Costa Rica 's unique natural history.

In addition to naturalist tour guide certification and more than seven years experience, Randall is fluent in Spanish, French, and English, and mastering in speaking Japanese. Resultantly, Randall is perfectly capable of leading tour groups of culturally diverse patrons that require various translations of tour information. Multi-lingual tours focus on birds of Costa Rica , the diverse life zones of his country, including volcanoes, mountain ranges, rain forests, waterways and beaches, exploration of the native flora, and fauna that inhabit these ruggedly beautiful natural wonders.

Although he is experienced in all areas of natural history, Randall's personal specialty and passion leans towards serious birding groups. For the past four years, Randall has worked for the national park systems, guiding birding and natural history groups, educating visitors, and contributing to bird life research, specifically at Carara National Park . Randall's knowledge of birds is vast, but small in comparison to his enthusiasm and excitement to always learn more about them.

International birders and wildlife enthusiasts are sure to enjoy Randall's specialized knowledge and abilities to locate some Costa Rica 's most elusive species. His familiarity with the habitats, behaviors, and instincts of native birds and wildlife make him an incredible source of information and the ideal tour guide for those who seek up-close viewing opportunities, yet want to respect the natural boundaries of all life in the rain forest.

Professional Qualifications/Education:

Institute for National Learning
(Republica de Costa Rica Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje)
Certified Naturalist Guide -1996- License # 517

Universidad Nacional -El Instituto de Investigacion Obervatorio Vulcanologico y Sismologico de Costa Rica
• Volcanoes de Costa Rica - 1997
• Volcanoes and Hazards - 1997

La Universidad de Costa Rica
Como Observar y Identificar Las Aves de Costa Rica
by Ornitologo Lic. Julio Sanchez - 1998

Conozca Las Aves Diurnas y Nocturnas del Bosque Nuboso y El Paramo
by Ornitologo Lic. Julio Sanchez - 1998

Conozca Las Aves Diurnas y Nocturnas del Bosque Lluvioso
by Ornitologo Lic. Julio Sanchez - 1999

Additional Natural History Courses 1999-2005:
• Endemic Birds of Costa Rica
• Study of Migratory Birds
• Advanced Recognition of Costa Rican Birds
• Ethno Botany of Tropical Plants
• Biogeography of Costa Rica

Natural History Seminars 1999-2006:
• Ramsar International Seminar for Wet Lands
• Swallows and Swifts
• Migration of North American Birds
• Pipridae family and his mate display
• Quetzals, an endangered specie
• Birds and their parasites
• Hummingbirds and their territories
• Several more unlisted courses, along with seven years of field study...

A very active member of A.O.C.R 2007.

organization of tropical studies

Randall Ortega as instructor for the following photography courses

BioCurso Safari Fotográfico Parque Nacional Carara
BioCurso Safari Fotográfico Estación Biológica LasCruces
BioCurso Safari Fotográfico Parque Nacional Palo Verde
BioCurso Safari Fotográfico Estación Biológica La Selva

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In house teaching
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In house teaching
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A look at the environment
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