As most experienced birders know, bird watching in a foreign country requires a working knowledge of local habitats, species behaviors, bird calls and surrounding flora and fauna. For many reasons, a birding guide is always recommended. For example, an experienced professional guide not only helps you locate the birds you’re looking for, but also provides valuable information on each bird’s diet, behaviors and breeding rituals. It’s a service that most birders never go without.

Costa Rica Birding Journeys employs only the most experienced local guides. With a network of professional birding guides throughout Costa Rica, we can connect you with the most experienced guides in every region.


Catering to birders from all over the globe, our guides speak up to five languages, including Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch and Japanese, and some are career ornithologists. All our guides are specialists in their particular region and have an intimate knowledge of every trial, nesting site, feeding zone and migration route in their respective parks.

For a look at the parks and roads of Costa Rica, check out the maps below:

  Costa Rica Parks and Protected Areas    

For more information, email or call today at 506-643-3311 x500 (dial 011 first if calling from the United States).

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