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Birding off the beaten path

Experienced birders are often disappointed with the pre-packaged itineraries of commercialized birding tours. With an emphasis on quality and personalized service, Costa Rica Birding Journeys takes you far off the beaten path of mainstream tourism, and into the lush tropical landscapes where you’re most likely to find the bird you’re looking for.

Free from the crowds, your journey offers both quality and intimate experiences as tour groups rarely exceed 6 people. Move at your own pace and enjoy the expert tutelage of your local guide, whose vast knowledge of Costa Rica bird species as well as the native flora and fauna helps familiarize you with the diverse habitats and micro-ecosystems of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Birding Journeys understands that every experienced birder has his or her own personal bird wish list, and we conduct each tour by the philosophy of “if the bird matters, quality matters.” Expect that your birding jouney will be carefully planned in accordance with your particular interests. We are just as excited as you to find the birds on your list.

For a look at the eco zones and parks of Costa Rica, check out the maps below:


For more information, email info@costaricabirdingjourneys.org or call today at 506-8417-9015 (CR; dial 011 first if calling from US).

Golden Browed Chlorophonia
Blue Crowned Manakin
Blue Grey Tanager
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